Thank you Andrew. Getting clear about my 5 passions has helped focus and simplify things in my life much more. Byron Katie’s ‘One Belief At A Time’ worksheet is invaluable – I’ve already experienced a shift around a belief I had. You’re going to help so many people with this! Thank you… Clara Chorley, founder Clarity Unlimited, San Francisco, CA

Right now I am building up my companies and not only it means a lot of work on the other side you are doing a lot of things that are not very inspirational for oneself. Working with Andrew, who is like fresh water and his awesome positive attitude, together on my passions, gave me the opportunity to review all the actions and see where the power lays within. Already after the first session transformation took place within me and after the second session my unconsciousness drove all the actions to take action to move closer to my heart goals. I have found a partner inspiring me and supporting me on my way, I could inspire my whole team to work towards the goal, I started to communicate clearly the rules and my expectations. As this is just the beginning….I can not believe the magic that is happening and feel happy, empowered and more supportive than ever in my life before. Do yourself a big favor and give you this experience as a present. I promise you it will be the best for your life and your loved ones. Best wishes from deep inside my heart, Barbara S. Roelker

I did the passion test with Andrew Mondia. He helped me become even clearer about what my passions are and how I can follow through with them. Andrew is patient and willing to go that extra mile to get results for his clients. I really enjoyed working with him. Barbara Hofmeister, Bestselling Author www.TheToBeBook.com