Melting Like the Wicked Witch of the West

DisneyLand Hong Kong Train

Disneyland Hong Kong has an actual train just for their amusement park. .

So I was having so much fun the first weekend of May when I went away to Hong Kong that I didn’t even get back till the day after the first Monday.  Then the following week went to Shanghai for a few days.  Checked a few things of my list having visited both great places.   Enjoyed my time at Disneyland Hong Kong (one more park to visit before I can say I went to all the Disney Parks in the World),  went up the Pearl Tower and saw around a bit what both cities have to offer.

With regards to my acting news.. LA is fast approaching and the my application is official under way and by October/November I should be there.  My one man show is slowly moving forward again and looking forward to what awaits once in LA.

Take courage and face the fear that you is holding you back to achieving what it is you desire.  FEAR is only False Evidence Appearing Real as someone once mentioned to me.  More recently I came across where the word can either stand for .”Forget Everything and Run” or “Face Everything and Rise.”  Which do you choose?

Warmest Love & Light!!!

Andrew Mondia