Week Beginning 40 and Blue Moon Changes


A Lovely Beijing Sunset photo taken by one of my Adult Chinese Students..

A New Age and in A New City!!

Wow summer rolls by like anything.  Lots of changes in my personal life here in China and all for the better.  I left Lanxi where I was and moved up to Beijing of all places.   Pollution isn’t as bad as one might think.  There still is a high level but not that high like in previous two years from what local sources tell me.  I just love the energy and great place to turn 40 and surround myself in the Blue Moon energy that happened few days after.

On the acting front.. Just getting a few more documents ready for my O1 Visa and than it’s off to the US government to approve.  I am considering while being here in Beijing maybe putting on my revised version of my one man show once I finish writing it.  Give the Chinese the wonderful Andrew Mondia!

Now onto something you might might enjoy.   Last October I had the pleasure to meet and hear Mary Morrissey. I never knew who she was till then just she was like a pioneer in this law of attraction.  She was an inspiring speaker and loved her.   Few months back got on her morning mentor and been receiving it every since.  Try it out for free!

Warmest Love & Light!!!

Andrew Mondia