2 Eclipses within in a Month

2 Eclipses within in a Month

2 Eclipses within in a Month 150 150 Andrew Mondia

Still Alive and Well in China

Quan Yin Statue Lanxi

A statue of Quan Yin in the local park which is on it’s own small island that you walk to.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate or enjoy the long weekend wherever you are. I have been enjoying the experience of teaching English to the Chinese youngsters here in Lanxi.   Also having my emotional ups and downs with frustration.   A totally different world and I didn’t even get to see the 2 eclipses we had.  The last one was April 4th and was called a Blood Moon.  Now the weather is getting to be either hot or rain showers.

With regards to some acting news.. I am slowly working on getting my documents ready for my O1 Visa so I can live and work in the US.  My plan is LA though anything can change.  I’ve always had my heart set on LA since I was in high school.

Following you passions can be a challenge but worth it in the end.   Just keep your eyes on where you desire to be.   Take steps to make that happen even if there are detours along the way.  As my mentors Janet Bray and Chris Attwood writes in their book – Intention-Attention and No Tension!

Warmest Love & Light!!!

Andrew Mondia

Andrew Mondia

ANDREW MONDIA is an Actor and Transformational Facilitator who is internationally known as “The Intuitive Traveler” having lived and worked all over the world from Canada to Europe to Asia and back again. He has worked with award-winning actors, directors, and authors on stage/screen to promoting successful books. In his own life, he has also written and produced his own one-man show, podcast host and is a #1 International Best-Selling Co-Author of My Journey My Journal. Best described as “A unique combination of child-like enthusiasm and innocence coupled with worldly ambition and determination” His mission in life is to serve and inspire through laughter by bringing joy to the people he meets and performs for through various mediums.

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