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11 AHA Insights from 11 Movies

11 AHA Insights from 11 Movies 150 150 Andrew Mondia
2015-10-23 16.46.46

A typical market in Beijing near the Forbidden City!

Where has the time gone by.  It was only yesterday and the year began  Now we are nearing the end of the year.  Lots of changes happening and my time in Beijing has been great.  People are interesting and how things are done here.  But I am slowly planing a return to the western world with a notch under my belt for the Chinese experience.

Like anything it can take time to get things done right.  I have been real slow in working on my own show but making progress and making way to live in LA.   Working on being able to live and work in the US is moving along.

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Warmest Love & Light!!!


Andrew Mondia

Week Beginning 40 and Blue Moon Changes

Week Beginning 40 and Blue Moon Changes 150 150 Andrew Mondia

A Lovely Beijing Sunset photo taken by one of my Adult Chinese Students..

A New Age and in A New City!!

Wow summer rolls by like anything.  Lots of changes in my personal life here in China and all for the better.  I left Lanxi where I was and moved up to Beijing of all places.   Pollution isn’t as bad as one might think.  There still is a high level but not that high like in previous two years from what local sources tell me.  I just love the energy and great place to turn 40 and surround myself in the Blue Moon energy that happened few days after.

On the acting front.. Just getting a few more documents ready for my O1 Visa and than it’s off to the US government to approve.  I am considering while being here in Beijing maybe putting on my revised version of my one man show once I finish writing it.  Give the Chinese the wonderful Andrew Mondia!

Now onto something you might might enjoy.   Last October I had the pleasure to meet and hear Mary Morrissey. I never knew who she was till then just she was like a pioneer in this law of attraction.  She was an inspiring speaker and loved her.   Few months back got on her morning mentor and been receiving it every since.  Try it out for free!

Warmest Love & Light!!!

Andrew Mondia

Great Wall of Andelu

Great Wall of Andelu 150 150 Andrew Mondia
Great Wall of China 2015-07-02

A lovely picture of the Great Wall of China taken July 2nd!

Great Wall of Andelu

Happy 1st Anniversary to K.I.S.S. E-Note!

I just returned from visiting Beijing, Forbidden Palace  and the Great Wall.   Had a blast being up there and lots of inspiration.  Meet some great people too.  Cannot wait to go back again if chance arises.

My own one man show is coming along nicely with some great changes and additions thanks to the help of the lovely Brenda Adelman.  And my application is almost complete for sending off to the US government for O1 Visa approval too!

Take time to do something nice for someone else.  Even a small thing can go a long way!

Warmest Love & Light!!!

Andrew Mondia

Melting Like the Wicked Witch of the West

Melting Like the Wicked Witch of the West 150 150 Andrew Mondia
DisneyLand Hong Kong Train

Disneyland Hong Kong has an actual train just for their amusement park. .

So I was having so much fun the first weekend of May when I went away to Hong Kong that I didn’t even get back till the day after the first Monday.  Then the following week went to Shanghai for a few days.  Checked a few things of my list having visited both great places.   Enjoyed my time at Disneyland Hong Kong (one more park to visit before I can say I went to all the Disney Parks in the World),  went up the Pearl Tower and saw around a bit what both cities have to offer.

With regards to my acting news.. LA is fast approaching and the my application is official under way and by October/November I should be there.  My one man show is slowly moving forward again and looking forward to what awaits once in LA.

Take courage and face the fear that you is holding you back to achieving what it is you desire.  FEAR is only False Evidence Appearing Real as someone once mentioned to me.  More recently I came across where the word can either stand for .”Forget Everything and Run” or “Face Everything and Rise.”  Which do you choose?

Warmest Love & Light!!!

Andrew Mondia

2 Eclipses within in a Month

2 Eclipses within in a Month 150 150 Andrew Mondia

Still Alive and Well in China

Quan Yin Statue Lanxi

A statue of Quan Yin in the local park which is on it’s own small island that you walk to.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate or enjoy the long weekend wherever you are. I have been enjoying the experience of teaching English to the Chinese youngsters here in Lanxi.   Also having my emotional ups and downs with frustration.   A totally different world and I didn’t even get to see the 2 eclipses we had.  The last one was April 4th and was called a Blood Moon.  Now the weather is getting to be either hot or rain showers.

With regards to some acting news.. I am slowly working on getting my documents ready for my O1 Visa so I can live and work in the US.  My plan is LA though anything can change.  I’ve always had my heart set on LA since I was in high school.

Following you passions can be a challenge but worth it in the end.   Just keep your eyes on where you desire to be.   Take steps to make that happen even if there are detours along the way.  As my mentors Janet Bray and Chris Attwood writes in their book – Intention-Attention and No Tension!

Warmest Love & Light!!!

Andrew Mondia