The Passion Test

What is It?

What attracted me to the passion test was its simplicity in helping you get clear in discovering your top 5 passions.   What is it that you like to do in life.   A heart-based process that gets you to look inside yourself and be true to who you were meant to be.  Whether you are one who already has an idea what you are passionate about or trying to find some meaning currently in your life.    The Passion Test brings further clarity into your life.

A lot of people wonder what is the Passion Test?  I know I did back in 2009 when I heard about this process.   I was intrigued by what it can do and how it can help.   Then after fully doing it while being certified to help others discover their passions in 2010… I realized the effectiveness of this process.  How it can help others to define their top 5 passions!

The Passion Test will help you:

  • Identify your top 5 passions
  • Score your passions
  • Create markers which will let you know when you are living your life aligned with your passions
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Create more balance in your life
  • Attract more abundance in every area of your life
  • Feel more empowered

The Passion Test is a S-Y-S-T-E-M (Save Yourself Time, Energy and Money) developed by Janet Bray and Chris Attwood, co-authors of the NY Times bestseller, The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose. This process gives you the tools to discover and align with your Top 5 Passions to put yourself on your own personal path to fulfilling your ultimate purpose or destiny. It’s about learning how to identify, actualize and even monetize the things you would love to have most in your life, those things that would lead you to living your IDEAL life in all aspects all the time – those things that bring you love, joy, excitement and SET YOU ON FIRE!

“When you are clear, what you choose to have show up in your life will, and only to the extent you’re clear. The Passion Test is a simple, powerful process to get that clarity.”

Created by Janet Bray Attwood discovered this system stemming from hearing a couple different survey results.  One of them was that top successful business people were following the 5 most important things in their life.  The other was from a Harris Interactive study which found that 80% of Americans are not passionate about what they do.   I am sure that study can relate to the whole world.  Wouldn’t it be great to get the figure down so people become clear about their life and where they want to go?

Do You Want More Clarity, Passion and Fulfillment in your Life?

The Passion Test is For YOU!!!!!

I was personally trained by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood to facilitate this wonderful process both 1 on 1 and in workshop settings.   Isn’t it time you took charge to live a passionate life?


Clarity is Power!!!! T.Harv Eker

As far as I am concerned everyone should do the test & the only bad time to take the Passion Test is later.

If you’re ready, I’m ready to help you…

Take The Passion Test…..

Its great fun & you can’t FAIL.

Take Your Passion…. Make it Happen!!!!!


The individual Passion Test is facilitated over two, 75-minute sessions and a follow-up short call.  We can talk on Skype or if you have a landline I am happy to call you. Your investment to take The Passion Test™ is $300.00USD.

You can book your Passion Test now and once I get your booking I will email you to arrange your first session.