A Speaker Who Inspires & Motivates

Whether it’s before thousands or in an intimate setting, Andrew Mondia brings a message that is passionate, thoughtful, transparent, enriching, engaging, and relevant. Inspiring and motivating audiences from all walks and in various stages of life.

Andrew can speak to:

  • Corporate Groups and Events
  • Church
  • Universities
  • Leadership Seminars
  • Wellness Organization Groups
  • Conferences

Speaking Topics Include:

  • Film/TV/Theater Industry
  • Discovering/Following your Passions
  • “Embrace Your Uniqueness”
  • Equality for All
  • LGBT issues
  • Traveling the world/different cultures
  • Learning English/another language
  • Taking Care of Yourself
  • How to get your Health, Fitness, and Wellness back
  • What was your process towards achieving mental and physical wellness
  • How have you discovered yourself again
  • What is the importance of being able to “Just Say No”

and more….