Ni Hao From China

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Ni Hao From China

A local square in Lanxi Jinhua China

A local square in Lanxi Jinhua China nearby where I now live.

My Asian Adventure Begins

Wow I am here in China at last!  What a feeling this is to begin a new adventure in a place completely different and unexpected.  My flights were great and compared to some comments of the airline I was to take.. all went smoothly.   Arrived to a day of sunshine and into a very nice apartment nearby one of the locations where I am going to be teaching English.

Before leaving Switzerland I had a meeting with my dear friend and one show person mentor Brenda Adelman.   She helped me with the beginning of my own show.  So all is looking good on that front and by next year will be debuting it or maybe this year in China.

It takes courage to take a leap of faith into an unknown world.  Start small and than grow big.  The more bigger you go the more bigger rewards come.  So start to take action today.  You got nothing to lose but having a wonderful experience and learning lesson!

Warmest Love & Light!!!

Andrew Mondia