Birthday Skydive Adventure 2003

Birthday Skydive Adventure 2003

Who is Andrew Mondia?

“A unique combination of child-like enthusiasm and innocence coupled with worldly ambition and determination”

Andrew Mondia is an ambitious and determined guy with child-like curiosity. For him, entertaining others is a natural art, something that he has enjoyed doing wherever he goes, ever since he was young. He started his acting career when he was young, a career that has taken him around the world, giving him a rich experience that powers his natural talent. For him, acting as both a system of happiness and a duty to serve others.

He has worked as a TV presenter and radio host where he inspired his audiences with new perspectives on current affairs, as well as sharing inspirational messages to his fans. His desire to share his experiences with others has led him to give motivational talks in universities, churches, corporate groups and events, conferences, and wellness groups. He loves sharing his experiences in the entertainment industry especially on how to succeed in film, TV, and theatre. Some of the topics that he loves to share experiences include how to embrace your uniqueness, social equality for all, how to take care of yourself, and discovering your passions. He communicates his thoughtful messages passionately in an enriching, engaging, and transparent way irrespective of the size of the audience or setting. He believes that sharing inspiration helps others achieve their goals.

He started succeeding in the entertainment industry very early in life. He started appearing in the news regularly since he was 14 years where he acted in the lead role in Pinocchio. He made international news after being branded a Bad Santa in 2008. His mission is to inspire people to be different because to him, this is the best way to have fun in life without sacrificing success.