Actor & Speaker

Andrew Mondia



Introducing the triumphant Andrew Mondia, a multi-talented entertainer who’s equal parts inspiration and hilarity! After surviving suicide, Andrew rose from the ashes to become a shining beacon of hope for others. From stage/film to published author, this international performer has lived a life worth singing about. With a story of overcoming adversity and a passion for spreading joy, he’s appeared on major media outlets and even earned a spot on the stage alongside award-winning actors and directors. But his true talent? Bringing laughter and inspiration to people’s lives through his creative pursuits. So sit back, buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride through the unknown future with the unstoppable Andrew Mondia!

“Andrew is a great spirit and committed to spreading positive light wherever he goes.”

Leslie Becker, Actress & Author of The Organized Actor® Nashville, TN USA



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