All about Andrew

Enchanting the Ordinary, Unveiling the Extraordinary

Toddler Tales: Navigating Life’s Rollercoaster with Fearless Quirks and a Dash of Humor

Life started as a bit of a blur, like a toddler in a world-sized amusement park. Picture this: fearless daredevil by day, porch-swinging acrobat in Vancouver. Then, BAM! At age 3, the world sharpened into focus, and suddenly, I was a full-time scaredy-cat. But hey, that didn’t dim my shine. I decided to embrace my inner scaredy-cat with style and humor. Today, I’m all about navigating life’s rollercoaster with resilience, laughter, and a perpetual quest to be the quirkiest version of myself. Join me on this wild ride!

Harmony Across Generations

Music has been my life’s rhythm since forever, and it’s all thanks to the incredible legacy of my paternal grandparents. Raised by them during one of my toddler years, they became my biggest inspiration. My grandfather, my ultimate fan, turned every day into a musical adventure. We sang, danced, and made memories that resonate with me to this day. Our year in Switzerland was a symphony of joy, and looking back, I realize how profoundly it shaped my love for music and strengthened our bond despite the distance. Today, their melodies echo in every note I sing, and they hold an everlasting place in the heart of my music.

Theatrical Odyssey: Dancing Through Life’s Curves and Crafting Smiles

From the get-go, I aimed to sprinkle a little sunshine wherever I went. Never your average boy, I danced to my own rhythm—ballet, choirs, piano tinkering, you name it. Like the Energizer Bunny, I craved new experiences and thrived on the stage. Musicals and operas were my jam, and grade 5 marked my theatrical debut.

At 14, life threw a curveball: my beloved grandfather’s passing. Despite the miles, our unbreakable bond fueled my passion. That pivotal moment crystallized my purpose: to entertain, to bring smiles. And so, my journey kicked off… who knows where the next act will take me?

From Triumph to Transformation:

Inspiring Lives on the Global Stage

Today, I proudly wear the hat of a jack-of-all-trades on the international stage, igniting the flames of passion and purpose in countless hearts. My journey, riddled with obstacles from childhood trauma to bullying and a challenging battle with my own demons, has sculpted me into a resilient force.

Emerging from the shadows, I’ve had the honor of collaborating with award-winning actors and directors. My story has found its way into the spotlight, featured in renowned publications such as The Washington Post and The Guardian, and resonated across the airwaves on BBC Radio 1. As if that weren’t enough, I’ve added ‘published author’ to my repertoire, contributing as a featured expert to two #1 international best-selling books, ‘My Journey My Journal’ and ‘How Big Can You Dream.’

In essence, my life stands as a testament to the profound belief that anything is possible when you dare to believe in yourself. Join me in this ongoing chapter of triumph, transformation, and the boundless potential that unfolds when you choose to embrace the possibilities.

Embracing the Unknown:

Crafting a Future of Inspiration and Impact

As I stand at the threshold of the unknown, I welcome the mystery that my future holds with open arms. Trusting in the grand design of the universe, I navigate my path, driven by the passion to inspire people globally through the kaleidoscope of my creative pursuits—be it through acting, speaking, or writing. The anticipation of where this journey will lead me is exhilarating, and I embark on it with confidence, knowing that I’ll persist in touching lives and making a difference wherever my adventures take me. Join me as the story unfolds, and together, let’s embrace the magic of endless possibilities.

I have worked with Andrew on a number of films, both live action and animated. He is a delight to work with and highly creative. Andrew takes risks in his work that often surprise me, and he finds a way to breathe life into his roles in a unique way. Any project would benefit not only from Andrew’s performance, but he is an amazing person to have with you during the often-tense rigors of filming. He has my full endorsement.

Shawn Buffington